About us

Project visionSprings of Peace is a grass-roots initiative to improve access to clean and potable water for the community in Jjongoza in Rakai District, Uganda. Read more here.

History and inspirationThe project is dedicated to and inspired by Sylvia Gift Nabukeera, nicknamed “Sylvie”, who parted too early to realise this and many other dreams herself. Read more here.

International coordinationSprings of Peace was set up and is coordinated by some of Sylvie’s friends and co-years from the Mahindra United World College of India (MUWCI). Read more here.

Local partnershipSprings of Peace is working in coordination with the Jjongoza Rotary Community Corps (Jjongoza RCC). Read more here.

Contact usYou can email the organizers of Springs of Peace with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns at springsofpeace@gmail.com.